Who We Are


Cedric Drayer

Founder & CEO

      Cedric Drayer is the founder & CEO of No Bogeeys. He is a true visionary, overcomer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, father of six, husband, and avid golfer.

      Cedric Drayer was born and raised by the late Linda Drayer in the inner-city of North Little Rock, Arkansas. He was raised by a single mother and unfortunately grew up in an unstable environment. The early negative influences in Cedric’s life contributed to a mindset that led to bad decisions and wrong choices. This led him to drop out of high school. However, with hard work and dedication, he obtained his GED. Drayer continued his education and attended the University of Arkansas where he majored in Psychology. He dropped out of college soon after, but persevered and later moved to Texas, where he served for 11 years in the Federal Reserve Police Department and climbed the ranks to become Lieutenant.

      Cedric Drayer’s ambitions have successfully led him to run several small businesses and a non-profit organization. Every day he strives to motivate and inspire all to have a No Bogeeys mindset in golf and life.


What is the meaning of No Bogeeys?

No Bogeeys is a winning mindset in golf and in life.The extra “e” in “Bogeeys” represents one over par.

Relating to golf, “Bogey” is defined as, “one stroke over par”. 

Relating to life, “Bogey”  is defined as, “a source of fear, perplexity, or harassment”.  

Pars are not guaranteed but the key to life is approaching every situation without fear and a No Bogeeys mindset!